The Tollund Man.

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Picture by Lars Bay, curtsy of Silkeborg Museum.

Extract from the Danish press release:

Saturday the 6th of May 2000 we have a celebration of the 2400 years old Tollund Man with a lot of events. This day it's 50 years since his start on a new era in his life and this, of course, have to marked in a proper way.

Obvious we don't know his proper birthday, but it was a kind of rebirth when the well preserved body of the bog was discovered by Viggo and Emil Hoejgaard from the small village of Tollund. We find this worth emphasizing because the find 50 years ago has in different ways had great influence on our knowledge about our ancestors way of living in the early Iron age, says the director of  Silkeborg Museum, Christian Fischer.

The Museum arranges, among other things, a great Iron age market including  a show with the 60 men Prindsens Hverving from Lejre.
There will be guided tours to the location where the Tollund Man was found.
The 19 m long true copy of the Hjortspring Boat for the first time leaves the waters of Als, when the 20 oarsmen paddles through the lakes at Silkeborg as a rememberence of the great art of shipbuilding at the time of the Tollund Man. ....

The time of living for the Tollund Man have been re measured by the newest C14-methods (with a small amount of his hair) to year 400 B.C. - very early in the Iron Age, close to the Bronze Age and in the same timeframe as the Hjortspring Boat.

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