This part is about ourselves.
Why and how the Guild arose.
It also deals with everything "in small print", ie. articles of association, board of directors, minutes, personal data (GDPR) and member communication - newsletters.


Quote from Article 2 of the Articles of Association:

HjortspringbÄdens Laug's overall goal is to promote information about the Hjortspring Boat and its history.


  • Build as accurate a copy as possible of the HjortspringbĂ„den using the craftsmanship techniques of the time and copies of the tools of the time. The construction project must attract as much professional expertise as possible in order to ensure a true copy
  • In collaboration with local, regional and national institutions, gather knowledge about the history of the Hjortspring Boat and this period's shipbuilding
  • Ensure that the built copy of the Hjortspring Boat is stored securely near the Hjortspring area, that it is tested in practice and then used for exhibition purposes.
  • Conduct information activities in order to expand knowledge of the history of the Hjortspring Boat and the Hjortspring area

To fulfill the above, we have established a close collaboration with the National Museum in Copenhagen and Roskilde, as well as established a "scientific network" with people with a special knowledge of interest to the Guild.