His follows a picture cavalcade with Tilia's creation. These are selected images from our image archive.
We started photographing (analogously) systematically in 1993 and continued until the launch in 1999. It was scanned 5,000 images for our archive.
The pictures are not made for the purpose on this page. Some sharp cuts have been made to many pictures, this means that some people have had various body parts "amputated" to focus on the parts of the boat. Sorry to the people involved.
Of course there have been taken a lot of images since then, it's much easier now that we all have a camera in our pocket.

The many pictures (almost 200) are divided into 9 themes:

  • The preparation
  • The bottom-plank or keel-plank
  • The side-planks
  • The gunwale-planks
  • The rib-frames
  • The horns
  • The deck-planks, paddles & rudder(s)
  • Measuring
  • The inauguration

The content of these themes is not necessarily chronological, but the order is chosen to illuminate the method.
These can be accessed via the links in the list above, chronologically with the buttons at the bottom or from the menus.


Despite the division into the 9 sections, it will take quite a long time to display the first image if you do not have a fast internet connection.

  • The images are selected and customized by Ib Stolberg-Rohr