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In  you could find the of the find of the boat

in you would find the latest update from our shipyard, the update of this page happens when some new  occur.

Some of the associated finds are described in , which is both the weaponry, the Iron Age People and their clothes and utensils.

You will find the information about The Guild of the Hjortspring Boat in

  • The formalities about the guild.
  • When the time come, we also have plans to tell about the test we are planning to make with the boat and the results of those test.


In the section, you will be able to ask questions to the Guild, about what you have read at this Web-site, about our project as such or about the Hjortspring boat itself and it's history. We then will answer you by E- or ordinary mail. You may ask (and will be answered) in dansk, deutsch or English.

In the  section, you will find a list of literature used by our guild in the reconstruction of the boat and a short description of our own documentation and papers produced so far
In you will find Web-addresses of interest for ships: archeology, building of replica's, history, ...

It's possible to this Web for words, phrases, ...

Use this Table of Contents if you prefer.

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