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This page contains links to sites we have found of interest for the Guild and for ancient shipbuilding in Europe, specially the Northern part.

If you, our reader, do know other sites, don't hesitate to inform the Webmaster.

  • A collection of links concerning the Viking Age.
  • The unofficial homepage of Helge Ask, one of the copies of the Skuldelev(5) wreck, have a lot of links to other Viking sites.
  • Sebbe Als, a copy of wreck no. 5 from Roskilde Fjord. Augustenborg.
  • The homepage of Kraka and Freja, copies of a warship from around year 900, found in a bog near Danzig.
  • The homepage of Fotevikens Maritime Centrum, an experimental institution in Sweden.
  • About the Viking ship Gaia and the Gokstadboat.

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