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Tilia Alsie

Welcomes you to our web-site, where we will tell you about our full scale (Length: ca. 19 m, width: 2 m, height:0,7 m, weight: ca. 500 kg) replica of the Hjortspring Boat.

The Boat was build around 350 BC somewhere in the Baltic area and excavated in 1921 - 1922.

Events / Planned trips in 2008 / 2009

We have made a flyer with the arrangements of the season; it may be seen / fetched from here in PDF-format (opens in a new window, 392 kB).

Members meeting

Monday, December 1.
at 18

Members meeting at the Lindeværft.

Easter exhibition at Lindeværftet

Thursday, April  9. -
Monday, April  13.
at 13 - 16

Easter exhibition.

Members meeting

may 4.
at 19

Members meeting at the Lindeværft.

Members tour at Dyvig

June 5.

Members tour at the inner waters of Dyvig, it's 10 years since Tilia was launched.

Tour at Dyvig

Saturday or
June 27./28.

Trial tour. Measuring the drift.


Events in year 2008.

Opening hours at the Lindeværft, see Events where we will go into the details.


The Rørby sword A boat taking its starting point in the oldest, known, Danish rock carving from the Bronze Age. 

This site may be reached from - now on a new server from where there are links back to the old site until all pages has been updated.

Please change your Bookmarks / Favourites to the new site.

Links to the two other societies  in the Alssund area:
Society for Nydam Research and The Nydam Boat Guild.
Working with research in and about, as well as a reconstruction project of, the Nydam Boat
- Younger Roman Iron Age. 
Skibslag, which in 1967-69 build a copy of wreck no. 5 from Roskilde Fjord.
- Viking Age .

Sailing on Als Fjord
wind 10 m/s.

2000-09-03 Foto: Nationalmuseets Marinarkæologiske Forskningscenter

2001-07-25 Foto: Weile, Sebbe Als

We have now sailed with an admiral onboard !

During the visit of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and the Prince Consort Henrik at The 350 years Jubilee of Agustenborg. Prince Henrik asked for a short trip with the Hjortspring Boat. It was granted! Further reading here.

The latest pictures of the boat, see here (64 kB).


The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde have published:

And our own:

Hvad Haanden former er Aandens Spor  
These two books are written in Danish

and this one in German.

 Find further information by clicking the books.

The book may be ordered from:
the Feedback page.

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