Sailings with Tilia Alsie in 2000

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På Gudenå 6-7 maj 2000.
2000-05-6 -7 Foto: 3

The Tollund-man in Silkeborg

On Friday the 5th of May Tilia was loaded on a truck and driven to Silkeborg accompanied by a couple of guild-members. She survived her longest trip with just a little scratch in the gunwale. During the evening she was thoroughly sprayed with water in order to become waterproof for the sailings. Saturday morning 25 members of the guild arrived all dressed in iron-age-clothe. The boat was launched in the Gudenå and placed alongside the quay beside the “Hjejlen”. On Saturday we sailed in Tilia a couple of times. A lot of people came by to look at the boat and ask questions about the boat and our work. The night between Saturday and Sunday the boat stayed in the water watched by the members in shifts. Sunday took a couple of trips in the boat before it was set ashore again and transported back to Als. In some of the sailings a couple of dragon-boat-paddlers from Silkeborg participated, and they taught us some paddling-technique.

Between the sailings we had opportunity to visit the iron-age-market in the yard of the Museum of Silkeborg, where we amongst other things could watch an iron-age-show of the group ‘Prindsends Hverving’ from Lejre.

Considering that the boat had been ashore for the entire winter-period and had been on a long transport, the boat only took in very little water during the two days. The reason was that we had been working with the stopping of the boat during the winter. The bottom sewing had been covered with a mixture of 2 parts spruce-resin and 1 part ox-tallow.

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