Sailings with Tilia Alsie in 2000

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On  Als Fjord the 3 of  Sep. 2000.
2000-09-03 Foto: Nationalmuseets Marinarkæologiske Forskningscenter

Test-sailings at Als

From the 31st of august until the 3rd of September we performed a series of test in co-operation with The Center for Maritime Archaeology in Roskilde. Thursday and Friday 4 members of Nybro-Furåens and Esrums canoe- and kayak-clubs participated together with members of the guild. Saturday and Sunday a team from the Dragon-boat-club Viking Team Copenhagen ( paddled Tilia.

Thursday we practiced paddling-technique in Dyvig and Mjelsvig (see map). In the afternoon we performed a series of towing-experiments, where the pulling-force and the speed was measured. Friday morning we went to Stegsvig, returned to the Stegsgaf-isthmus where we went ashore and had our lunch. During the afternoon we placed two buoys as marks for the speed-experiments Saturday and Sunday. During the day we performed more speed- and maneuvering-experiments.

Saturday and Sunday were set aside for experiments with professional paddlers. They performed a series of speed-experiments. Over a length of 250 meters the speed was 8.2 knots. The cadence was 65 strokes per minute. Over a length of 1000 meters the speed was 7.9 knots. A drummer placed in the front of the boat controlled the rhythm of the paddling.

Saturday we had planned to go for a long trip from Dyvig to Stevningnor (about 8 nautical miles) and return to Dyvig Sunday. But we had to drop this trip due to weather forecasts promising strong winds Sunday.

As forecasted Sunday started with strong winds from the north and we decided to try out the boat in hard weather in Stegsvig and Als Fjord. The dragon-boat-team paddled passed Lønsømade to Als Fjord and went north against the 1 meter high waves. Tilia handled the waves very well without taking in water over the gunwale, but when she was riding on top of the waves the water trickled through the bottom sewing. Tilia didn’t even have problems when she was turning across the waves.

The tests gave us some experiences with the paddles. The paddles for the two frames in front and the two in the rear must be longer in order to reach the water properly. The blade of the paddles must be sharpened in order to be easier to drag out of the water. The attachment of the steering-oar to the keel horn gives a lot of whirls so we consider moving the steering oar further backwards.

On  Als Fjord the 3 of  Sep. 2000.
2000-09-03 Foto: Nationalmuseets Marinarkæologiske Forskningscenter
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