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Member Groups

In this section there will be a description of the different groups formed by the members of the Guild. 

Apply for a membership of Hjortspringbådens Laug may be done by writing to the Treasure or by filling out the fields of Feedback and indicating an interest in a membership.

 Members of the Board

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Working Groups

There have been formed 9 groups, as mentioned below, and a member may apply for as many as desired. Each of those groups reports their findings to the other groups, especially to the boat-, weapons- and tool-building groups.

Group Description
Design of the Boat The engineering and calculations necessary to build the Boat.
Tree / wood Have the responsibility of finding and buying the trees necessary.
The building of the Boat Tries to build the boat, based on the work of the above groups.
Weapons and equipment Working with making replica of weapons and other equipment found.
Tooling Responsible of making (or buying if possible) the tools necessary for building the Boat. The tools should be as close to those used by the Iron Age people as far as it's known.
The Iron Age Works with the history of this time.
Photo and Video Takes care of the visual documentation.
Exhibition Prepares the exhibition of the boat.
Testing Prepares the possible test the boat should be expelled to.
The board Takes care of:
  • Economy
  • P. R.
  • Lodging
  • Fundraising
  • Scientific contacts
  • Servicing the MEMBERS
  • Legal duties
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