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In this section there will be an overview of the

Guild references

Gustav Rosenberg: Hjortspringfundet, Nordiske Fortidsminder, III bind, 1. hefte, 1937, koebenhavn.

This book, in Danish, is the main excavation report about the find, it have 5 chapters of which 2 have other authors than Mr. Rosenberg:

  1. The history of the Find
  2. The bog, with geological-botanical investigations by: Prof. Dr. Knud Jessen.
  3. Found remains.
  4. The Boat, with a characteristic of the Boat by: Ing. Fr. Johannessen.
  5. The age of the boat and its interpretation.
  The book has an English Summary.    
Flemming Kaul: Da vaabene tav, Hjortspringfundet og dets baggrund, Nationalmuseet, 1988.
  "When the Weapons were Stilled"

ISBN 87-17-06023-0
This book, in Danish, describe the find and its relation to pre-Roman Iron Age and to the Celt-people of Central Europe. The book contains an English Summary.  

Flemming Rieck & Ole Crumlin-Pedersen: Baade fra Danmarks Oldtid, 1988, Roskilde

ISBN 87-85180-12-2
A description of boats found or described by drawings from the oldest days until year 800 A.D. with references to the surrounding countries.

Ole Crumlin-Pedersen et al.: Hjortspring, a Pre-Roman Iron-age Warship in Context

The Viking Ship Museum, 2003.


From the brochure:


A Pre-Roman Iron-Age Warship in Context edited by Ole Crumlin-Pedersen & Athena Trakadas.

Published 2003 as Vol. 5 in the series Ships and Boats of the North by The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde in cooperation with the National Museum of Denmark. Large format, 293 pages, fully illustrated, hard cover, CD-Rom included with scenes from the sea trials with the replica Tilia Alsie, etc.

Price DKK 385 / EUR 52 + handling.
ISBN 87-85180-521


1. Fieldwork,
by Flemming Rieck.
2. The boat, its state of preservation, conservation and display,
by Ole Crumlin-Pedersen, Inger M. Bojesen-Koefoed, Maj Stief & John Nørlem Sørensen.
3. Building and testing a Hjortspring Boat,
by Knud V. Valbjørn, Hans P. Rasmussen, Fredrick M. Hoecker, Niels Peter Fenger, Max Vinner & Nadia Haupt.
4. The Hjortspring find,
by Flemming Kaul.
5. The Hjortspring boat and ship iconography of the Bronze Age and Early Pre-Roman Iron Age,
by Flemming Kaul.
6. The Hjortspring boat in a ship-archaeological contxt,
By Ole Crumlin-Pedersen.

Summary in English
Resumé på dansk
Deutsche Zusammenfassung

  The present monograph on the Hjortspring find is the fifth volume in the series Ships & Boats of the North, published with the aim of illuminating maritime aspects of past cultures in 'the North' by presenting and analysing important primary evidence on finds of ships and boats in the context of their contemporary societies.

  The Hjortspring boat and its contents presents a particularly good example of the potentials of an ancient vessel with its equipment for the study of a wide range of aspects of the society for which the boat was constructed. This magnificent vessel from c. 350 B.C. is a strong reflection of prestige and power, as well as a display of perfect craftsmanship matched with a supreme command of technology of boat and ship construction, given the conditions more than two thousand years ago.

  Although the Hjortspring boat was excavated more than eighty years ago, it has not previously been presented ad discussed in depth in an international language. Here the dramatic story of the original boat is described from excavation to the present 'revival' of the vessel in the museum display at the National Museum of Copenhagen. The peculiar horns at both ends with parallels in Bronze-Age iconography are discussed as well as the key position of the vessel in the history of early shipbuilding in the North.

  A full-scale reconstruction of the vessel has been built and tested at sea, and this procedure is described in detail in the text and illustrated with photos and video clips from work phases and sea trials. The experience from trials have given important clues to the original use of the vessel.

The book may be ordered from:
the Feedback page.

Hjortspringbådens Laug

References about Clothing

Articles and books about the Iron Age are several. As the subject of the display is dresses in the Iron Age, we have chosen to refer to the below stated books. Some have an English summary.

Elisabeth Munksgård, "Oldtidsdragter". Nationalmuseet, Copenhagen, 1974.

Margrethe Hald, "Olddanske tekstiler". Det kongelige Nordiske Oldskriftsselskab, Nordisk Forlag 1950.

Klaus Ebbesen, " Døden i mosen". Carlsen’s Forlag, Copenhagen 1986.

Linda Boye, "Tøj og mode i oldtiden". P. Haase og Søns forlag, Copenhagen 1986.

Bonnier’s "Håndarbejds Leksikon". Bonniers Specialmagasiner A/S, Copenhagen 1996.

Gustav Rosenberg, " Hjortspringfundet ". Det kongelige Nordiske Oldskriftsselskab, Nordisk Forlag 1937.

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Produced by the Guild

The Guild of the Hjortspring Boat: The Membership Ledger, 1991 and onward.

This book, in Danish, contains all documentation produced by the Guild, grouped in the following sections:

  1. Organization, including: by-laws, board of the Guild, members, rules for working groups, external contacts, a large literature list with page references, economy.
  2. Constructions.
  3. The wood, size, where and how to get it.
  4. The building process.
  5. The tools and how to make or get it.
  6. Weapon and equipment.
  7. The history of the Find.
  8. Testing.
  9. The exhibition.

Papers for news-papers, conferences, etc.

Valdemar Dreyer: Hvor kom de fra
 Soenderjydsk Maanedsskrift, nr 3/4, p. 37: 1994.  
Valdemar Dreyer og Birgit Valbjoern: Tanker om Hjortspringfundet og Als i keltisk jernalder
Hjortspringlaugets Forlag, 5 juni 1999.

The book have 80 pages in A5-format and are written in Danish only.


The book may be ordered from:
the Feedback page.

Hjortspringbådens Laug

Knud V. Valbjoern: Hjortspringbådens Laug  
Soenderjydsk Maanedsskrift, nr 3/4, p. 43: 1994.  

Knud V. Valbjoern: Hjortspringbådens Laug  
News-paper article in JyskeVeskysten: 1996-01-08, a 3/4 page story about the Guild.

Knud V. Valbjoern: Et skib- et faellesskab  
News-paper article in Morgenposten Fyens Stifttidende : 1996-03-06.

Knud V. Valbjoern: The Hjortspringboat under Reconstruction
Newsletter from Roskilde: no. 6, may 1996.

Reconstruction of the Hjortspring Boat

Paper 1: Philosophy, Execution and Initial Results. Knud V. Valbjoern, Hans P. Rasmussen, Joern A. Joergensen
Paper 2:
Theoretical Performance and initial Test Results. Niels P. Fenger, Hans Lumbye-Hansen
Paper 3:
Sailing Tests. Knud V. Valbjoern, Niels P. Fenger, Max Vinner

The first two papers have been presented at the conference, The 8th International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology, held at The Polish Maritime Museum in Gdansk, Poland, September 23-27, 1997.

The third was presented at The 9th International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology, held in Venice, Italy on December 4-8, 2000.

The book may be ordered from:
the Feedback page.

Hjortspringbådens Laug

Knud V. Valbjørn: Hvad Haanden former er Aandens Spor  

 Hjortspringlaugets Forlag, 5 april, 2003

    Hvad Haanden former er Andens Spor

    The book about the building of the Hjortspring Boat replica, are written in Danish with a summary in English and German, there are around 100 pictures and drawings all with explanations in all three languages, more extensive in the two foreign ones.

    Click here  to a Danish description of the book.

    The book may be ordered from:
    the Feedback page.

    Hjortspringbådens Laug

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Knud V. Valbjoern, Hans P. Rasmussen, Joern A. Joergensen, Niels Peter Fenger, Max Vinner and Michael Gebühr:

Das Hjortspring-Boot
Ein skandinavisches Kriegskanu aus dem 4. jahrhunderte vor Christus
Von Nachbau zur Probefahrt

Archäologisches Landesmuseum Schloss Gottorf und Hjortspringbådens Laug, 2003.

    This book are based on the papers presented at The International Symposia on Boat and Ship Archaeology in the German language with additional background information by Michael Gebühr, Archäologisches Landesmuseum.

    The book may be ordered from:
    the Feedback page.

    Hjortspringbådens Laug

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Related references

Joergen Jensen: Hjortspringbaaden - gemt, men ikke glemt, Nationalmuseets Arbejdsmark 1986, Koebenhavn.  

Joergen Jensen: Danmarks Oldtid.

Published by Nordisk Forlag A/S
1 Stenalder 13.000-2.000 f.Kr. 2001, ISBN 87-00-49038-5
2 Bronzealder 2.000-500 f.Kr. 2002, ISBN 87-02-00331-7
3 Ældre Jernalder 500 f.Kr.-400 e.Kr. 2003, ISBN 87-02-00332-5
4 Yngre Jernalder og Vikingetid 400 e.Kr.-1050 e.Kr. 2004, ISBN 87-02-00333-3
All 4 volumes 2004, ISBN 87-00-39196-4

The books are written in Danish only.
Volume no. 3 also describes the Hjortspring Boat.

A marvellous series!

Harry Kahl, et al: Roar Linde 71, Hjortspringbåden som kulturaktivitet 1971, Roskilde.  

A description of an attempt to make a reconstruction of the Hjortspring Boat from June 26 1971 until July 18 same year! The boat have been out sailing.

P. V. Glob: Mosefolket, Jernalderens mennesker bevaret i 2000 aar, 1965, Koebenhavn.  

ISBN 87-01-56201-0
A description of Iron Age people found in bog's in Denmark and other countries.

Here its worth while to notice that the age of the Grauballemanden have been re-measured by a non-destructive method at the tandem-accelerator at the University of Aarhus this year (1996), to be in the very same period as the building of the Hjortspring Boat (350 B.C.)

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