The re-creation of the Hjortspring Boat

This part deals with the horns, manufacture and fastening for bottom planks and bow blocks.

Schematic representation and naming of the Hjortspring boat's construction parts. 1


En krumvokset lindegren er groft udhugget til et kølhorn.

A curved linden branch is roughly carved into a keel horn.

Not i kølhorn.

Carpentry Z-lug / tongue and groove joint to a keel-horn has begun.

Not i kølhorn.

And in close-up.

Hornet monteret til opmærkning.

The raw-shaped keel horn is mounted for center marking with plumb-bob from the reference wire at the ceiling.

Det tildannede kølhorn kontrolleres.

The almost finished keel horn mounted for directional control.


The joint between the horn and the bottom plank is almost complete.

Båden skal ned på gulvet for at få plads til rælingshornet.

The boat is being taken down from the berth, at the same time it is being moved forward in the hall.
There must be room for the railing horn in height. And, the space aft of the boat is to be used for other purposes.

Båden skulle også frem i værkstedet.

The boat has now got its last place in the workshop and set up after reference wire in the cieling.
The gunwale-horn is set up for marking.

Klargøring til montering af rælingshorn.

Stævnklodsens elongation is cut to for acting as a tongue in a tongue and groove joint with rails horn.
It is unclear from how the horn has been: a natural branch on the trunk of the bow block, or as here, attached.

Rælingshornet tildannes.

The railing horn is roughly shaped and the groove finished.

Rælingshornet tildannes.

The end joint against the bow block is fine-tuned.

Rælingshornet prøvemonteres.

The tongue and groove assembly is about to be in place. Some of the underside of the tongue must be removed and glued.

Rælingshornet sluttilpasses.

The last adjustments of the assembly. The keel horn is secured with a pair of temporary dowels.

Rælingshornet færdiggøres.

The surface of the horn is completed.

Der stemmes ud i kølhornet til den ydre låseplade.

Cut out to the outer locking plate in the keel horn.

Huller til låsetappe udstemmes.

Cutting of nail hole to secure the outer locking plate.

Den ydre låseplade er færdigmonterret agter.

The outer locking plate is pre-assembled aft.

Der måles op til den ydre låseplade for.

Measure up to the outer locking plate for.

Der måles op til den ydre låseplade for.

In the gunwale-horn there is now a rectangular hole and in the keel horn a similar carved hole.
These are corrected in relation to each other.

Der udstemmes til låse.

The outer locking plate is inserted and holes are made for the locking pins. The keel horn is not yet glued. To mount the locking plate, the keel horn must be removed and the locking plate pushed all the way up into the gunwale horn before the keel horn is mounted again and the locking plate is pushed down again.

Hornene er færdigmonteret for.

The outer locking plate is now in place. Now the keel horn can be glued to the bottom plank and all four locking pins can be mounted.

  • Ib Stolberg-Rohr has selected and customized the images.

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