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I s an association whose purpose is to spread knowledge of the Hjortspringfind (The Als Boat).
In 1921-22, in an archaeological excavation of Hjortspring Bog on Als, the remains of a boat were found, as well as a number of weapons and shields.
The boat found turned out to be a "Rock Carving boat", ie. it looks like the thousands of Bronze Age Rock Carvings found on the rocks in Sweden, Norway and Bornholm. It is the only boat of the type ever found. However, it is from the Pre Roman Iron Age (years -500 - 0), just after the Bronze Age.

We have manufactured a reconstruction of the Hjortspring Boat!

This website shows how it was made.

Tilia ved Dyvig, januar 2017.

We called our reconstruction of the Hjortspring Boat:
Tilia Alsie.

Helleristninger på klipperne ved Tanum.

The Rock Carvings show how the Bronze Age ships were supposed to look like.

Hjortspring Mose på Als.

The excavation in Hjortspring Bog in 1921-22.

Trædele i udgravningen.

A number of very soft and, to a certain extent, deformed wooden objects were found in the excavation.
Among these were parts which were judged to belong to a boat. Some of the parts in the picture are from shields.

Fr. Johannesens tegninger.

Based on all these many boat parts, the Norwegian ship engineer Fr. Johannesen in 1936 made these drawings.
They form the basis of:

Hjortspringbåden på Nationalmuseet.

The National Museum's exhibition of the Hjortspring Boat.
Those drawings are the basis for the boat's skeleton of steel pipes. And for our reconstruction:

Lindetræer i Polen.

For a boat, wood, a lot of wood must be used! The Hjortspring Boat is made of linden wood and wood of the desired quality we do not have in Denmark.
But it could be obtained (purchased!) In Poland. This was one of four tree trunks.

Kløvning af den første stamme.

An 18 m long trunk can become two planks.
One of the two must be used for the bottom plank.


The bottom plank (left) is finished and with bow blocks during installation. A side plank has also been made.
We held a small party to celebrate this milestone - the keel stretch. Hence the many people.

Tilia ved Barsø.

After 9,150 hours of work, the boat is finished. It was named Tilia Alsie .
Here we are on a long trip north of Als with a professional crew plus passengers, a total of 31 people. It can go at calm water, otherwise not.

I hårdt vejr.

Tilia can also be used in rough weather.

I hårdt vejr.

Wind speed: 9-10 m / sec. and 1 m high waves.
There was no water inside, only smoke water!

Do you think this unique boat could interest you?
Then you have two options:

1. You can visit our working workshop

Lectures and textile work

Lecture and exhibition

Visitors will have the opportunity to see a video about the Guild, which shows the work process and our work to carry out a reconstruction of the boat from the Hjortspring find, as well as the manufacture of some of the other parts, weapons, shields and personal equipment, from the find. The video lasts from approx. 20 min - ??, depending on how many questions are asked.
In the lecture hall you can also see copies of weapons, shields, personal parts and miscellaneous tools as well as examples of clothing from the time around year 0.
Then there is a tour of the boat hall and the smithy.


In Hjortspringbådens Laug we also work with clothing from the Iron Age. From the bog bodies we know many techniques that were used at the time and work with: Spinning, plant dyeing, weaving fabric for the costumes on upholstery fabric. Jump weaving of hats and bags, needle tying of hats, socks and mittens, as well as making ribbons in many different ways, including piece weaving, ribbon weaving, finger weaving, braiding wheels, four weaving, twelve weaving, nørkling. Manufacture of leather shoes and purses, jewelry of glass and amber, baskets of willow, grass and bast and ropes of linden bast. Many examples of these techniques can be seen in the lecture hall.

Boat hall and wood workshop

Tilia's storage and exhibition

Here the boat can be seen, and discussed, in all details, e.g. where our boat differs from Fr. Johannesen's drawings and from the National Museum's exhibition of the boat. One can also be allowed to try sitting on a toft in the boat with a paddle in his hands and imagine life at sea. This also applies to children.


The boatyard is currently working on creating a tree trunk boat (Loke) with side planks. It is inspired by a find in Sweden, Björkefundet, from approx. year 400.


In the smithy there is a double ace with tools, where we have made copies of weapons from the Hjortspring find and nails to Loke's clinkered side planks.
We have some members who work with making pattern-forged knives (modern), so therefore there is also modern equipment for this purpose.

You can visit us:

When we have our weekly work day, -evening. These are all Tuesdays of the year, except December.
Afternoon , from approx. at 13 to 17, if we are there, then the light is on.
Evening , from kl. 18:30 to 21:00.
During the year we have special days where we are open in the afternoons from kl. 14 to 17. 

We would also like visits from groups

If you, together with others, would like to visit us outside the advertised opening hours, this can also be done, however, for an additional fee. The details can be seen here .
There may be restrictions on the number of visitors, see below.

We live here

Dyvigvej 11
6430 Nordborg

You can see more details here .

2. You can explore here on the website

It can provide the answer to many questions and also be a good preparation / inspiration for a visit with us, but unfortunately the most of it's in Danish.
If you would like to explore our very old site, in English, you may find it  here.

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