Lindeværftet, Dyvigvej 11

The guild's domicile at Dyvigvej 11, Nordborg.

The guild's domicile at Dyvigvej 11, Nordborg.
Foto: I. Stolberg-Rohr


The workshop group had been around Nordals to find a suitable room to build the boat in. The room had to be at least 24 m long with a width of at least 8 m.
After various options had been inspected, we ended up renting the end of an old chicken house, which was located in Holm, two km west of Nordborg. The house was 44 m long and 10 m wide with a ceiling height of 2.5 m.

The rented building in Holm.

The rented building in Holm.
Foto: H.P. Rasmussen

A 24 m long room at the south end was separated from the rest and a small meeting room of 3x8 m was built. The rent was DKK 30,000 / year.
The hall was poorly insulated and without heat. It contained an electrical system and was illuminated with fluorescent tubes.
Along the eastern long side of the hall was mounted a number of trestles at a distance of 2.5 m.

Arbejdsbukke langs hallens østside.

Arbejdsbukke langs hallens østside.
Foto: H.P. Rasmussen

These were used as workbenches where the half trunks could be placed to be processed into planks.

Sunday, May 17, 1998

An inauguration party was held for our new building - Lindeværftet . Well, a little too early, because the purchase of our old workshop with associated land was not yet completely completed, it was not until 1999.

The purpose was to build and furnish an actual lecture hall, furnish toilet facilities and provide space for a smithy. When the boat was nearing completion, we set about renovating the building. The first activity was to break through the gable wall to the north and place a gate so that the boat could be rolled out into the open, a not unimportant activity.

Plan of Lindeværftet.

Plan of Lindeværftet.
Drawing: C.B. Hansen

Two firewalls were built, and then the lecture hall was furnished. Floors and walls were insulated, the walls were clad with rustic boards and the ceiling was heavily insulated. A couple of large windows and an entrance hall were inserted into the east wall. A chimney was built and a wood-burning stove was erected. A small kitchen was set up in a niche, and an area with AV equipment was set up so that lectures could be held and pictures and films shown to 50 people at a time.


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