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The primary language is Danish, but selected articles are available in both English and German. These two languages have been translated from Danish using Google Translate . It has presented some challenges with special maritime words, so if you find any "unfortunate" translations, then feel free to let the undersigned know.

Data formats

Different data formats are used if you want to save / print on your own computer:

  • Images are, in general, in png format
  • At the top, on the right is this symbol (gear wheel), by clicking on this and again on Print, a new window with the article formatted in printable form. To print from this, select the menu: Print.
  • All scanned documents, Newsletters and Member Folder, are in pdf format and are displayed in the way you have chosen for your computer, they can also be saved here.
  • This article is excerpted from Ib Stolberg-Rohr . Feel free to post if you have any comments.

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