The re-creation of the Hjortspring Boat

This part deals with the gunwale-planks and sewing for the side-planks and bow-blocks.

Schematic representation and naming of the Hjortspring boat's construction parts. 1

Gunwale-planks, 1997 - 1998.

Tilpasning af planker til limning.

The missing wood of the gunwale-planks is glued on.
The extension pieces are adjusted with a 20 cm sloping overlap and screwed, temporarily, to the railing plank.

Tilpasning af planker med limfuger.

The extension piece is screwed onto the railing plank. The butt-joints also have an oblique overlap of 20 cm.

Udviddelsesplanker fastskruet før limning.

Piece by piece, the gunwale-plank becomes wider.


Length and butt-joint.


It is glued with System West.
Larger screws with sheet-nuts on the back have been used to ensure max. retention in the soft linden tree.


All expansion planks are now glued on.
The saw cuts are made at the butt-joint between the planks to reduce the stiffness, ie. a more secure compression.

Rælingsplanke opsat til opmærkning.

The gunwale-plank in the starboard side is set up for marking.

Opmærkning af klamper på rælingsplanken.

The centerline of the cleats is marked on the gunwale-plank.

Opmærket klamper.

From the centerline, the cleats are marked.

Klamper udskæres.

The clamps are cut out.

Øverste ringklampe opmærkes.

The top clamp at the railing should be "crescent" shaped.
There is a model at the front of the picture.

Skrubbearbejdning af øverste ringklampe.

Roughing of the upper cleats.

De færdige klamper på styrbord rælingsplanke.

The cleats on the starboard railing plank are complete.
However, the cleats at frame 1 & 10 except, they are made only when the railing plank is mounted.

SB rælingsplanke spændt op på båden.

Starboard railing plank strung up on the templates for adaptation to the side plank.

Bagbord rælingsplanke tilpasses til sideplanken.

The edge of the railing plank is adjusted at the right angle with a band knife.
Start at the middle of the boat and work piecemeal towards the bow and stern.

Bagbord rælingsplanke tilpasses til sideplanken.

There needs to be checking.

Begyndende syning af SB rælingsplanke.

Sewing is started amidships.


Before sewing, tighten the two planks together with this device.


Sew on both railing planks at the same time so that the boat does not become skewed.
There are two helpers under the boat to tighten the seams.

Tilpasning mellem rælingsplanker og stævnklods.

Preparation and marking for the landing of the railing planks on the bow block.

Tilpasning mellem rælingsplanker og stævnklods.

The surfaces of the bow block are adapted to the railing planks.

Tilpasning mellem rælingsplanker og stævnklods.

The gunwale edge of the bow block is adapted to the railing plank.

Tilpasning mellem rælingsplanker og stævnklods.

The last adjustments before sewing.

Der kan sys færdig.

Starboard side by being in place.

Skabelonerne tages ud.

The last template is removed. They are replaced by a spacer and a string to hold the planks in place.

Syningen nærmer sig agterenden.

The seam is approaching the stern.

Syning af rælingsplanke og stævnklods.

Sewing holes at railing plank and bow block.

Syning af rælingsplanke og stævnklods.

The two sewing holes in the railing edge are drilled perpendicular to the sloping joints.

Klamperne ved spant 1 og 10 laves i båden.

The cleats at frame 1 & 10 are made on site to ensure that they are horizontal.

Den færdige syning ved stævnklods og rælingsplanke.

The finished stitching, on the outside.

Den færdige syning ved stævnklods og rælingsplanke.

The finished stitching, inside.

At forestille sig at padle i en Hjortspringbåd.

The hull is finished and a couple of rowing benches put in. It is tempting to try out a good position when paddling.

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