This section deals with the Linden-Boatyard's layout and facilities.

The building

The building has had a past as a chicken house and repair shop for furniture.

Lindeværftet, seen towards the entrance.

Lindeværftet, seen towards the entrance.
Foto: Ib Stolberg-Rohr

Interior design

The museum's division into a lecture hall, boat hall and smithy.

 Lecture hall                                       Boatyard - workshop                   Smithy

The lecture hall

Is divided into an area with seating for approx. 50 guests.

  • Here, films can be shown as an introduction to our work with the Hjortspring-Boat
  • Lectures are given using modern AV equipment

An area with an exhibition of copies of finds from Hjortspring Mose and period textiles.
A small sales stall where you can buy books, postcards, T-shirts and caps with Hjortspinglauget's logo.
Finally, there is a kitchen and some tables.
Adjacent to this room and the boat room there is a toilet with facilities for the disabled, there is plenty of space both for a wheelchair and an assistant.

Boat hall and workshop

In the boat hall are:

  • Tilia exhibited together with our test pieces (segments of the boat in a 1: 1)
  • Pictures and posters describing the construction of the boat
  • Models of interpretations of "Hjortspring boats"
  • Various tools used in the construction of Tilia
  • A workshop area where we make various accessories and otherwise maintain Tilia


Is an older smithy we have got / built.
There are two ace heads and 2 anvils, as well as div. tools

The smithy is used to make copies of the found iron objects from Hjortspring Mose.

Some of our members make (modern) pattern-forged knives, so there is also equipment for this.

Hjortspringbådens Laug


  • We are open again after Corona.
    Tuesdays from kl. 14 to kl. 17 and from 10 August from kl. 14 to kl. 21.
    Only limitation is the requirement for 2 m 2 space per. guest.


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About the Guild

We are a workshop with an interest in the archeology of prehistory.
Tilia Alsie is a reconstruction of the boat and other parts from the Hjortspringfind .

Opening hours

  • Every Tuesday from January to December:
    13 - 17 if we work (light in the building)
    18:30 - 21:00.
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  • For visits outside normal opening hours, see here .


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