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Hjortspringbådens Laug has its own publisher: Hjortspringlaugets Forlag .

The guild's own publications

The Guild of the Hjortspring-Boat

Member folder, from 1991 onwards.

This folder contains all the Guild's documentation and thoughts about the boat's building, as well as accessories, as described in the following sections:

  • Organization, laws, board, membership list, work rules for the groups, external contacts, a large literature reference list with page references and finances
  • Construction
  • Wood, dimensions and obtaining
  • Construction process
  • Tools which and how they are made or otherwise obtained
  • Weapons and equipment
  • The story of the boat and the time
  • Test
  • Exhibition
  • Changes
  • Maintenance
  • For own use

Valdemar Dreyer:

Hvor kom de fra?
(Where did they come from?)
Sønderjydsk Månedsskrift, nr. 3/4, s. 37: 1994.

Knud V. Valbjørn:

Hjortspringbådens Laug
(The Guild of the Hjortspring-Boat)
Sønderjydsk Månedsskrift, nr 3/4, s. 43: 1994.

Knud V. Valbjørn:

Hjortspringbådens Laug
(The Guild of the Hjortspring-Boat)
Article in JyskeVeskysten : 1996-01-08, a 3/4 page's post on the Guild.

Knud V. Valbjørn:

Hjortspringbådens Laug
(The Guild of the Hjortspring-Boat)
Et skib et fællesskab
(One ship, one community)
Article in Morgenposten Fyens Stifttidende : 1996-03-06.

Knud V. Valbjørn:

Hjortspringbådens Laug
(The Guild of the Hjortspring-Boat)
Hjortspringbåden rekonstrueres.
(The Hjortspring-Boat is being reconstructed.)
Newsletter from Roskilde: no. May 6, 1996.


Årsskrift 1999

Knud V. Valbjørn:

Article on pages 47 - 59:

"Rock Carving Ship Sails Again"
The Hjortspring Boat, Reconstructed

Knud V. Valbjørn:

Posts in:

Maritime Warfare in Northern Europe
Publications from the national Museum Studies in Archaeology & History Vol. 6
ISBN 87-89384-88-1

Reconstruction of the Hjortspring Boat.

Valdemar Dreyer og Birgit Valbjørn:

Tanker om Hjortspringfundet og Als i keltisk jernalder.
(Thoughts on the Hjortspring-Find and Als in the Celtic Iron Age.)
Hjortspringlaugets Forlag, 5 juni 1999.
ISBN 87-987386-0-7

Thoughts on the Hjortspring-Find and Als in the Celtic Iron Age.

Thoughts on the Hjortspring-Find and Als in the Celtic Iron Age.

The book is 80 pages in A5 format and contains:

  • The history of the Hjortspring-Find
  • A story about Germania
  • Why?
  • What?
  • The Als landscape
  • What is the boat built of?
  • Cultural coincidence. The Celts
  • Who came?
  • Ancient ships. How many were there?
  • From salt water to fresh water. Iron Age houses
  • Iron Age dress
  • Postscript

Can still be ordered!


Reconstruction of the Hjortspring Boat

Paper 1: Philosophy, Execution and Initial Results

Knud V. Valbjørn, Hans P. Rasmussen, Jørn A. Jørgensen

Paper 2: Theoretical Performance and initial Test Results

Niels P. Fenger, Hans Lumbye-Hansen

Paper 3: Sailing Tests

Knud V. Valbjørn, Niels P. Fenger, Max Vinner

The first two have been presented by:
The 8th International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archeology.
Conference, held at The Polish Maritime Museum in Gdansk, Poland, 23 - 27 September 1997.

They are, together with the others' contributions collected in:


Proceedings of the Eight International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology, Gdansk 1997

Edited by Jerzy Litwin

The last one at:
The 9th International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archeology.
Conference, held in Venice, Italy, December 4-8, 2000.

The articles here are in English and are an abridged version of the posts made.

The items are sold out.

Knud V. Valbjørn:

Hvad Haanden former er Aandens Spor
Hjortspringbåden rekonstrueres
(What the Hand forms is the Trace of the Spirit
The Hjortspring-Boat is being reconstructed)
Hjortspringlaugets Forlag, 5 april, 2003
ISBN 87-987386-1-5

What the Hand forms is the Trace of the Spirit.

What the Hand forms is the Trace of the Spirit.

The book is 144 pages with over 100 illustrations, most in color. The captions are in Danish, English and German, just as there is an English and a German summary.

The book has the following chapters:

  • The idea is born
  • Organization (1991-1992)
  • Preparation (1992-1993)
  • Boat building (1994-1999)
  • The Launch (1999)
  • Calculations
  • Sailing and testing
  • Conclusions
  • Guild knowledge, belonged to everybody
  • Concluding remarks

Some of the articles on the website are taken directly from this book. Where this is the case, it is listed under the heading Sources at the bottom of the article.

Fra salgsbrochuren:

In 1991, the idea arose at Nordals to build a full-size copy of the Hjortspring boat. An association was formed, Hjortspringbådens Laug, and now the boat, named Tilia Alsie, is a sailing reality.
Based on the large documentation material in text and images, we have written this book. It describes the dramatic ten-year period in which the guild was organized, drawings were extracted from archives and interpreted, the historical background was described, tools forged, linden wood hunted all over Europe, exercises in woodworking with the tools of the time were completed, and finally the boat, a copy of the oldest plank boat in Scandinavia, built. 10,000 working hours were used here. The test of Tilia Alsie, which took place together with the National Museum's Marine Archaeological Research Center, is also described here.

The book can still be ordered !

Knud V. Valbjoern, Hans P. Rasmussen, Joern A. Joergensen, Niels Peter Fenger, Max Vinner og Michael Gebühr:

Das Hjortspring-Boot
Ein skandinavisches Kriegskanu aus dem 4. jahrhunderte vor Christus Von Nachbau zur Probefahrt

Archäologisches Landesmuseum Schloss Gottorf und Hjortspringbådens Laug, 2003
(The Hjortspring boat
A Scandinavian war canoe from the 4th century BC From replica to test drive

Archaeological State Museum Schloss Gottorf and Hjortspringbådens Laug, 2003)

Das "Hjortspring-Boot".

Das Kriegsschiff aus dem Opfermoor.

Published in connection with a large Iron Age exhibition containing the original Nydam boat (on loan from the Archäologisches Landesmuseum) and the original Hjortspring-Boat at the National Museum in Copenhagen.
And where our copy of the Hjortspring boat is exhibited at the Archäologisches Landesmuseum at Gottorp Castle in Schleswig instead of the Nydam boat.

The book is sold out!

Ole Crumlin-Pedersen & Athena Trakads, editors:

A Pre-Roman Iron-age Warship in Context
The Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde, 2003

ISBN 0901-778X
ISBN 87-85180-521

Hjortspring <br> A Pre-Roman Iron-age Warship in Context

A Pre-Roman Iron-age Warship in Context

The Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde has published a monograph on the creation of the Hjortrspring boat in English with a summary in English, Danish and German.

The book has the following chapters:

  • Excavation
  • The boat's preservation, conservation and exhibition
  • Building and testing the boat (Tilia Alsie)
  • The Hjortspring-Find
  • The Hjortspring-Boat and ship depictions in the Bronze and Pre-Roman Iron Age
  • The Hjortspring-Boat in a ship archeological context

Authors are employees at the National Museum and members of Hjortspringbådens Laug.

Perhaps this edition can still be purchased by contacting the museum.
Vikingeskibsmuseet in Roskilde has published 7 volumes in the series Ships and Boat of the North .

Translated from the sales brochure:

Hjortspring - an overall picture of a pre-Roman Iron Age warship. Edited by Ole Crumlin-Pedersen and Athena Trakadas.

This is the 5th volume in the series Ships and Boats of the North , published by the Viking Ship Museum and the National Museum's Marine Archaeological Center in collaboration with Hjortspringbådens Laug. Large format (29 x 25 cm), 293 pages, fully illustrated, fixed volume, CD-ROM included with recordings of construction details, surveying and sailing tests with the copy Tilia Alsie. This monograph is published in the series Ships and Boats of the North , with the aim of illustrating the maritime aspects of early cultures in the Nordic countries by presenting and analyzing important primary finds of ships and both in the context of contemporary societies. The Hjortspring-Boat is a particularly good example of the possibilities of studying a prehistoric vessel with its contents as an entrance to an understanding of the community of which the boat was a part. This unique vessel from approx. 350 f.v.t. is both a picture of prestige, power, a perfect craft and a sovereign mastery of shipbuilding in antiquity well over 2000 years ago.

Despite the fact that it is more than eighty years since the Hjortspring Boat was excavated, it has not previously been presented and discussed in depth in English. Here the dramatic history of the original boat is described from the excavation to its current "return" to the exhibition at the National Museum in Copenhagen. The special horns at both ends, with parallels in Bronze Age petroglyphs, are discussed together with the key role the vessel occupies in the early shipbuilding history of the Nordic countries.

A full-scale copy called Tilia Alsie was built by Hjortspringbådens Laug and then tested at sea in collaboration with the National Museum's departments in Copenhagen and Roskilde.
The experience from the tests has provided important clues to the original use of the boat.

Knud V. Valbjørn:

10 år med Tilia til søs
(10 years with Tilia at sea)
Hjortspringlaugets Forlag, 2009

10 years with Tilia at sea.

10 years with Tilia at sea.

The booklet is 12 pages, mostly with illustrations, most in color.

It contains the experiences we have had with Tilia in the past 10 years with sailing and trials.

It is expressed in the following chapters:

  • Overview of sailings 1999 - 2008
  • Constructive choices:
    • Sheer
    • Horns
    • The frame system
  • Choice of materials:
    • Sewing Materials
    • Sealing material
    • Wood
    • Surface treatment
  • Paddling:
    • Paddles
    • Technology
  • Long-distance sailing
  • Stability
  • Boarding
  • Steering
  • sails
  • last page

This little printed matter can also be seen here:

  • Text and images in A4 format
  • The image on pages 6 and 7 in A3 format

Ib Stolberg-Rohr

Reconstruction of shield no. 35

Hjortspringbådens Laug
Reconstruction of shield no. 35

Hjortspringbådens Laug has produced this book in two copies, 1 for the guild and 1 for the author.
It is a description of the manufacture of shield no. 35 from the Hjortspring Find.
From literature studies to a finished shield with all the considerations made along the way.
Many initiatives have no basis in the find.
The book has the following contents:

  • Introduction. The guild's studies of shields
  • 1. Primary source. Hjortspringfundet, G. Rosenberg
  • 2. Other sources
  • 3. Drawing basis
  • 4. Woodworking
  • 5. Painting
  • 6. Leather cover
  • Conclusions
  • The book is not for sale in hard copy, but can be viewed and downloaded here, for free, it is 90 pages long. (Only in Danish).

Hjortspringbådens Laug


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